Top Tips From A Professional Wedding Photographer


Top Tips From A Professional Wedding Photographer

Photo by Amanda Watson

Written by Amanda Watson

Amanda is a professional wedding photographer and the owner of Amanda Watson Photography.

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The rest of the advice we share is opinion coming from a sincere place of standing in service to others. Since you deserve to hear from different wedding and event professionals, we welcome a trusted #RevelPro as a guest writer to share tips and thoughts to consider as it relates to their role in an event.

We hope you enjoy “Top Tips From A Professional Wedding Photographer” by Amanda Watson

Having been in the wedding industry over a decade, we’ve seen a thing or two and learned so much more. We understanding choosing a photographer is quite possibly one of, if not, the most important decisions you can make when it comes to your wedding day. Think about it; your flowers will wilt and die, the cake will be eaten, your dress stored away and all that’s left are the photographic memories to preserve your most special day that flashes right before your eyes. 

We have some top tips when it comes to your photography - not only how to make better informed decisions but also to get the most out of your experience. So here we go:

  1. Study the styles

    There are many styles when it comes to wedding photography: light & airy, dark & moody, photojournalistic, film, ahhh so many choices! Our best recommendation we can give is to study what style speaks to you the most and then find a photographer with a strong (and historical) portfolio. There is no point in hiring a light & airy photographer and ask them to edit dark & moody (for one, they most likely won’t do it, especially if they are a professional). Start a Pinterest board and just start pinning portraiture that truly calls out to you and then narrow it down. This will help make your decision much easier when it comes to hiring your photographer - which leads me to my second point…

  2. Trust your photographer

    There is no greater feeling than trust and that feeling is mutual. We want you to trust us to do the job you’ve hired us to do and to do it to our fullest. We, as photographers and artists, always work better to deliver our best when we aren’t micro managed. That being said, most of us also have worksheets or systems in place to make sure you get all the shots you want and need you to communicate that with us as well. For example, a professional doesn’t need a list of generic wedding day photos (the dress hanging up, bride+ bridesmaids, the first kiss, etc.) we have been doing what we do for years by nailing these. However, we need to know if you want a photo with your great aunt from California or a special detail we may not be aware of, such as a sorority pin on your bouquet.

  3. Work with your photographer to draft the timeline

    We help all of our clients with their wedding day timeline, since so much of the day revolves around the photography. Work with your photographer (and planner!) to come up with a timeline that best fits both your needs as well as your photographers - for us, we dedicate quite a bit of time right up front to style personal details (think those pretty invitation suite photos...those take time to get right) and we make sure our clients know this so they aren't wondering what we're doing. A professional will also be able to give you tips and suggestions: such as how to make guests more comfortable if you're doing most of the photos after the ceremony, or maybe a faux-exit earlier in the evening so your photographer can get the more important shots during the earlier part of the day and not spend 3+ hours on the dance floor (although, we love a fun party) - just make sure to communicate your priorities to your photographer and they can help build a timeline to make sure you get everything you want!

  4. Read contracts (and if they don't have one, run)

    We have a ton of information in our contracts, such as, how long will it take to get your photos back, the payment schedule, the difference between a reprint release vs. a copyright release, etc. It's important to ask for a copy of the contract before you hire someone and read through it, no one likes a surprise when you were expecting photos back within a certain time frame and come to find out it will be much longer. Or if the photographer you've been talking with doesn't have a contract, chances are they are just beginning (nothing wrong with that), but you will want to make sure you are protected for such a big event that I would highly suggest looking elsewhere if no contract is available.

  5. Have FUN

    There is nothing we love more than to capture pure joy on your wedding day! Genuine smiles and laughter make for some of the best portraits, so take a deep breath - you've done all the hard work to lead up to this point - relax and let the day flow and we will do what we get the absolute privilege to do and capture it all for you to relive for years and years to come!

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