All Non-RSVP Guests Will Be Set On Fire


All Non-RSVP Guests Will Be Set On Fire

Photo by Amanda Scott

Written by Chasen Shaw

Chasen is a certified Wedding Entertainment Director® and the owner of PartyBox. He and his wife Leslee Layton are the founders of Let’s Revel.

Anyone who’s planned an event has likely felt this way.

C'mon, people! Let's declare it. If you don't RSVP, you are RUDE!

And you're probably a pretty polite person. Most of us are, probably, very polite and considerate people. So why oh WHY do we not RSVP?

As wedding professionals, we can't count the number of stories we've heard from our clients because their guests were not communicating with them. It is one of the most frustrating parts of the whole process. And it’s something we’ve seen get worse and worse over the past 20 years. Today, it’s even easier to communicate, but because of the many daily distractions, we treat these very special invitations like any other notification.  


RSVP is a French acronym for “Répondez s'il vous plait”. Literally, the host, is saying “Answer, please."  

They are spending $7+ just to invite you to this awesome party, and saying “Please answer me,” and we treat it like they’re saying “when you feel like it, let us know.”

Let’s create a new acronym, R.O.D.  Respond or Die! Then, maybe guests would recognize that they’re obligated to take action.


Let's briefly break it down.

You are invited to a once-in-a-lifetime event where you will be:

  • Witness to a beautiful wedding

  • Entertained all night

  • Given free drinks

  • Fed an awesome meal

    Every guest at that wedding is costing the host $50 to $350+

And all you have to do is:

  • Tell them you'll be there

  • Buy a nice gift

  • Get dressed up

  • Show up and celebrate.  

By communicating your intention to be there, you give the hosts many reasons to like you.

1) They are excited that you will be present   

2) They can prepare the caterers well in advance.  

3) They won't have to wonder or wait on you.

Need more convincing?

Waiting for people to respond can create doubt and confusion for the hosts, leading to anxiety and all things negative.  

Even if you are uncertain about your plans far in advance, communicate with the hosts.

RSVPs typically have a "return by" date. If you can't make your decision by that date, let the hosts know what's going on so they aren't frustrated by your silence.

Like usual, it's more important to over-communicate than under-communicate.  

Show love to the hosts of this event and give them a reason to smile. RSVP early and let them know that you're not only attending, but you couldn't be more excited to celebrate with them.

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