I Could Do That + Yeah, But You Didn't

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I Could Do That + Yeah, But You Didn’t

By Meg Owen

Meg is a floral designer, a wedding planner, and the owner of Meg Owen Events.

I saw a great quote on one of my artist friend’s InstaStories yesterday and it said:

Modern Art = “I could do that” + “Yeah, but you didn’t”.  

I laughed so hard because it applies to what I do for a living. As a florist, I can’t tell you how many times people casually mention “they could go to Trader Joes or Whole Foods and pick up some blooms and make a small arrangement themselves.” And while I think those places are an amazing resource for weekly fresh flowers, a dinner party or a little happy to cheer someone up… there’s a myriad of reason I wouldn’t advocate doing that for your wedding.


I’ll state the obvious here but the week of your wedding is full, sister. Even if you’ve planned it to perfection by packing and labeling your personal items (as a planner also, we love you so much for that), sent your final place cards to the calligrapher, received and steamed your dress, but there are so many other tiny to-dos that magically creep in. And, if by some reason, there aren’t tasks left, that’s the ultimate goal - to enjoy the wedding weekend with the people that came to celebrate you!

Considering that an average wedding might have anywhere from 20-30 tables, pieces for the ceremony and a plethora of personals, that’s a lot of floral items that need to get executed in a very small window. And, show of hands if  you’re anything like me, a woman with a vision, you might have willing hearts (moms, sisters, well-meaning aunts, etc.) but no one will do it quite like you want it, so chances are, you will end up taking the brunt of this project yourself.

I don’t doubt that you, or someone you love can create some floral beauty. But you can’t create those masterpieces without tools, buckets, vessels, hardware, etc. and you definitely can’t produce them cost effectively without a knowledge of what’s available, what will perform well in what kind of arrangement (because the most expensive flower is the one that has died before you even used it), what wants to be cold/warm, how long this will stay fresh, how many of what to put in a bouquet, in a centerpiece (floraling is surprisingly a lot of math) and so on. So instead of fighting a dying medium, needing to be kept at a perfect temperature, designed, transported, set up AND under budget the week of your wedding, we advise that you hire a professional who has the knowledge, the staff, the time and the expertise to do it all so you don’t have to.

Do you remember that feeling…?

…as you walk out of the salon with freshly painted nails and you think, “man, I know I CAN paint my nails but it always looks so much better when they do it!” That’s because IT DOES! And whether or not I have the skills to paint my nails doesn’t really matter. I’m paying to NOT have to paint them and I’m paying for them to do it better than I could.. I’m paying for the huge selection of colors I don’t have. I’m paying them to do all the little steps that I don’t do when I’m hurrying through them. I’m paying for the perfectionist to go back through with the remover and erase any mistakes. I’m paying for the light to cure or dry them so I don’t impatiently mess them up. I’m paying to enjoy the experience with peace of mind. And when I’m on day seven and not a nail has chipped, I’m thinking “that was worth it.”

But this isn’t floral specific.

All your service providers want you to feel the same way about them at your wedding! Your photographer wants you to have timeless photos, your entertainment wants your guest’s experience to be seamless and fun, your videographer wants to make sure you can relive your day time and time again for years to come. We are happy to work hard for you and your family because we have built a living on increasing other people’s joy! But the thing that we hope you learn to know is that we are giving way beyond just our raw materials or rentals. Often time were giving expertise, education, equipment, labor, our professional reputation and more importantly, time.

For my own wedding ten years ago, I remember asking a videographer couple (one that’s still in business today) if I could just pay them for raw footage so I could have it edited and mixed at a time when I had more money. They said no. At the time I didn’t understand, because I was asking them to be there less hours and do half of the work. But having been in the event industry for nine years, I understand more than ever that we often times cannot co-DIY projects with you or offer partial services for you to do the rest. It’s not a true representation of our services as we did not have quality control of the whole project and honestly, there is a lost opportunity cost of being a wedding professional. Especially if the professional chooses to do - or is limited to - one wedding a weekend, they need to make it count. Seldom will a sought-after photographer or videographer offer only a 2-4 hour package on a major Saturday.  We constantly have to balance the art of what we do with the math it takes to run a sustainable business. A business, that largely takes place when other people are with their families (nights, weekends and holidays.) The end result was that I just couldn’t afford a videographer, but still had a great day!

Apples to apples?

Do us a favor and check out or last post on Let’s Revel about costs your service provider is incurring (that you might not even know about!) and let that help be your guide when comparing service providers styles and prices against each other and your own budget. Remember that it’s not exactly apples to apples and that different companies operate in different capacities, i.e. one company may have less overhead, another may take on several weddings a day, another may pay their staff more.  Most wedding pros want you to get what you want just as much as they want to keep the lights on so understanding the behind the scenes costs helps explain the overall price tag but further shows you what you’re really paying for! (Hint, it’s usually it’s for our mortgages, kiddos school, savings, nothing cool!)

Trust me, NO ONE wants your wedding to be as special and beautiful as the team you’ve chosen and that’s why when we have a piece of the project, we want to bring it to fruition and deliver a fantastic product! It’s not that we don’t want to help you alleviate cost by going a DIY route, it’s just that our name is on the product as well. Plus, we know this is such a meaningful day and we want you to remember the beauty, the magic, the people, the fun of it all, not all the DIY projects that you could do! Because we believe you; we know you CAN do it all, we’re just saying maybe you should soak up the goodness of it all and let us do the heavy lifting.

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