How To Be The Man, Not Just The Groom


How To Be The Man, Not Just The Groom

Photo by Chelsea Reece

By Chasen Shaw

Chasen is a certified Wedding Entertainment Director and the owner of PartyBox. He and his wife Leslee Layton are the founders of Let’s Revel.

It’s pretty easy to say for many, chivalry is dead. But not for you, hombre. You’ve got a friend in me. Here are a few ideas for how you can be the man, not just the groom from this day forward.

If you can, participate in the planning.

If you can’t, offer your support and input. She needs you. Showing up for the little things makes a big difference.⁣

Before the wedding…

  • Write her a poem or a letter.

  • Record a message for her as she’s getting ready.⁣

At the ceremony…

  • Take the moment of “who gives this woman to be with this man” seriously. ⁣

  • If you’re repeating your vows, say them slowly to your bride, not the officiant.

  • Say them with meaning and in your own voice.⁣

At the reception…

  • Make it all about her. She is your bride.

  • Tell her how beautiful she looks.

  • Thank her parents and family for this gift.

  • Shake her father’s hand and give her mother a special letter or gift.

At the honeymoon…

  • Plan surprise memorable experiences.

  • If she likes a specific meal, have it prepared.

  • Decorate the room with flowers, chocolate, champagne.

From this day forward…

Think about how to make daily life more enjoyable for her and pro-actively pursue those things.

  • Holding doors

  • Offering a drink

  • Making coffee

  • Surprise lunches

  • …this is a start.

    It is a never-ending pursuit of the woman that captures your heart. ⁣



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