Can You Trust Your Wedding Professionals?

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Can You Trust Your Wedding Professionals?

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By Talia Morgan

Talia is a certified wedding planner, a floral designer, and the owner of Inspire Events.

When I saw Let’s Revel and knew the creatives behind it, I knew it was going to be incredible! It is a true space for YOU, as engaged couples, to get REAL ADVICE.  It is such a breath of fresh air! The integrity behind this venture is one of true passion and love, which is a perfect segue into what I will share today.


It is a plain and simple part of any relationship, yet it’s often overlooked when booking your wedding professionals. Imagine it’s your wedding day. There are a few unexpected problems and minor delays have caused some panic and you need to rely on a pros to put out fires. Who would you trust?

Or imagine it’s months before your wedding days and you get to decide your reception meal and serving option. You want it to be fun and easy going but your parents want it to be more upscale. You’re not sure what to do and everyone is looking to you for answers.

Whose advice do you trust to help make your decision easier?

As a wedding professional, I am usually the one who helps couples plan one of their greatest days. Some of my greatest days include sitting with our clients and deciding where we will land with their vision. After all, we get to bring our clients’ visions to life along with a team who work well together, and that feels great.

How do you know you can trust a wedding professional?

These days, it’s easier than ever to write a review for yourself, or ask your friends to write a review for you. Very often in the wedding industry, people start as a side-job and sometimes misrepresent themselves or what they can do. So don’t just look at how many reviews someone has, look a little deeper.

  • Website - an easy-to-use site shares good content and guides you to the next step

    • An accessible professional email address helps, too

  • Social Media - being active on a few platforms helps users connect

    • Do you connect to their story? Do you like how they interact?

  • Professional referrals - after all, they’ve worked with them before

    • If you trust one professional, there’s a good chance their referral is solid

  • Portfolio - evidence that they can actually deliver is a great start

    • Sometimes the best way to share your vision is to start with another vision

  • Years on the job - anyone can say they’re great for a year or two

    • Seasoned pros are worth their fee almost every time

  • Price vs Value - you can definitely get lucky with a good deal

    • But you almost always get what you pay for

What do you do when you’ve found your trusted professionals?

You trust them.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” - Ernest Hemingway

Your connection with your team needs to be more than contractually binding. You need to like them, too. Once you’ve signed on the line and placed your trust in this team, let them do their job. This is absolutely critical if you want them to deliver their best work. Real professionals have studied, learned, and experienced all types of weddings that help us make better recommendations for you. We respect the faith you put in our knowledge as we lead the planning of what will be one of your biggest life moments. Once we’ve got your vote, we work so you can enjoy the planning process with more confidence and less stress.

That means you should expect your trusted pro to:

  • Be honest with you and tell you what's realistic and what is not. Even the hard stuff.

  • Find creative avenues to achieve a Pinterest vision on more modest budgets.

  • Give you solutions to accomplish your goals as easily and seamlessly as possible.

When we feel trusted, we work confidently and diligently to make you happy you chose us.  

What is Let’s Revel?

Let's Revel is educating engaged couples on how to create the wedding experience they dream about but have no idea how to create.  Let’s Revel is soon to launch a web-based solution for engaged couples and wedding professionals frustrated by outdated wedding planning websites.  We are introducing a new opportunity to connect you with certified wedding pros. That means no scammy amateurs, no ghosting, less stress. Only the good stuff. The way the Internet was supposed to work. Click HERE to get the low-down when we launch.

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