14 Sentence Starters for Writing Personal Vows


14 Sentence Starters for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

By Leslee Layton

Leslee is a wedding filmmaker and owner of Leslee Layton Films. She and her husband Chasen Shaw are the founders of Let’s Revel.

Writing your own personal wedding vows can be tricky. It’s a fine balance between speaking your heart and not sounding cliche’. I know the struggle, which is why I wrote a two part article called How To Write Your Own Personal Wedding Vows with Less Stress. In Part 1 I share the planning and writing process. In Part 2 I share the polishing process to get you ready to recite those vows your worked so hard at writing.

The first tip we shared is to resist the urge to Google for examples of personal vows. Why? Because it’s too easy to just copy someone else’s. The whole point of personal vows is to make them as personal, unique, and special as possible. Instead of copying vows, use this list of 14 Sentence Starters for Writing Your Own Personal Wedding Vows. Consider them little kickstarts for your creativity.

Video: Watch this bride and groom steal your heart with their personal vows in this emotional film by our friends at PenWeddings.


As you begin writing, don’t worry about saying everything perfectly.  Just get your thoughts out of your heart and onto the screen. Let these prompts get you going.  Use the ones that feel authentic to you. Don’t sell out and say something that doesn’t sound like you, but at the same time, there’s no better time to tap into your inner romantic.  Or if the two of you have decided to mix in a little humor, feel free to do so as long as it honors your honey and puts him or her in a nice light.

14 Sentence Starters Vows Simple.png

Using these sentence starters can help give you a little inspiration when you’re facing writer’s block. For more tips on How To Write Your Own Personal Wedding Vows with Less Stress, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Which one of the sentence starters was most helpful to you? Any ideas we left off? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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